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Comedy Utrecht: laugh your way through the city

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English comedy Utrecht

Hey there, are you looking for an unparalleled, unforgettable stand-up comedy experience in Utrecht? Your search is over! Our exceptional stand-up comedy shows in Utrecht are not your typical dimly-lit room affair. Rather, a side-splitting stand-up comedian will lead you on a rib-tickling excursion through the city’s picturesque streets and alleyways, delivering top-notch stand-up comedy at the trendiest spots in Utrecht. Comedy Walks Utrecht is the ultimate way to encounter a wild and amazing stand-up comedy show in Utrecht. Just be aware that once you see Utrecht through the eyes of a comedian it will never look the same again! 

And next time your family and friends from abroad are around, just bare in mind that a Comedy Walk is the only proper introduction to Utrecht! 

Stand-up comedy Utrecht

Our stand-up comedians are like no other, incorporating the most iconic places and stories of Utrecht into their comedy shows in a way that will have you in stitches with unexpected and uproarious moments that you’ll never forget. After the show, you won’t just have experienced a unique comedy show, but you’ll have seen Utrecht in a way that’s totally out of the box! It’s stand-up comedy in Utrecht at its absolute finest!

Stand-up comedian Utrecht

Hey, check it out! Our stand-up comedians are true blue Utrecht locals and real pros, so there’s a good chance you might catch them on stage in a comedy club in Utrecht too! Here, you can find more information about our stand-up comedians and where they perform in clubs around town.

Our walking comedy shows are based on the comedians’ own material, not some ready-to-go script. So, every stand-up comedian has their own unique comedy show as you stroll through the streets of Utrecht.

Book your ticket online! 

If you’re keen to join our regular comedy shows, you can snag some tickets online through the booking calendar on this page. Our comedy shows in Utrecht are available in English and Dutch. 

Comedy Walks for private groups

Walking comedy shows are also an absolute riot for private groups! Think team outings, staff outings, family get-togethers, or friend hangouts. To book one of these comedy shows, hit us up at or give us a ring at +31 (0)6 4155 9526.

We also put on some wicked walking comedy shows in other cities. Check out all the locations where you can book a Comedy Walk in the Netherlands.