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The true owners of Comedy Walks©

Get to know and learn more about our comedians. They will show you the most beautiful places in the city and share their best jokes about the city, its inhabitants and of course him/herself.

Hey, I'm Gregory! American and Dutch

Who the hell is GS?
Gregory Shapiro: Comedian, American and Dutchman. You may know him as the voice of Trump in the ‘Netherlands Second’ video with over 50 million views. Greg came to the Netherlands in 1994 to help establish comedy theater Boom Chicago. Along the way he’s worked in Dutch TV & film, and he had his own TV show ‘Comedy Central News.’ He is now a proud Dutch citizen, which he writes about in his first book How to Be Orange: Making the Dutch Take Their Own Assimilation Exam. He has done a number of solo shows in the Netherlands, and he uses his own cultural clashes as inspiration.

That’s so interesting, but what about your Walk?
Greg has so many stories to tell, he’s made them into numerous solo shows. Now, Greg takes you to the locations where the stories took place. The tours start and end at the Boom Chicago theater. Boom Chicago is known for its famous alumni, such as Seth Meyers, Jordan Peele and Kay Cannon. Shapiro has performed solo shows such as How to Be Orange, Superburger: the Man with Split Nationalities, and Part-Time Hypocrite. His second book How to Be Dutch: the Questions that SHOULD Be on the Dutch Citizenship Exam is available internationally – or via Greg on the tour. Make him sign your copy!

Hey, I'm Kor! Curious and comprehending

Who the hell is Kor?
He is half-Polish and half-Dutch. On average, that makes him a German. Kor is a born and raised Amsterdammer. Besides doing stand up, he also gives tours for about 5 years which makes him a professional Amsterdammer. Despite having grown up in relative proximity to the UK, he speaks American English with a Dutch accent. He tries to be vulnerable on stage not because he wants to but because he needs to. He looks like the love child of Richard Branson and Boris Becker. That’s why he needs to.

That’s interesting, but what about his walk? Let’s take this show on the road!
Kor has been a tour guide in Amsterdam for five years, an Amsterdammer for his whole life and a professional comedian for half a decade. On his comedy show, Kor shows you famous historical places and hidden gems of the city to use them as a springboard to his comedy. He effortlessly combines his comedy skills and vulnerability with his Amsterdammersnish to create a unique, top-notch and hilarious comedy performance. This makes his Comedy Walk really heart Kor!

His walks are in English, just because it sounds funnier…

Hey, I'm Tim! Guide and funny

Hello Tim, who are you?
When you first meet Tim, it’s hard to believe he was raised near a windmill, wearing tiny wooden shoes. Watching what has been referred to as an “unwholesome amount” of American TV shows, he grew up culturally confused and very, very nerdy. Tim was never the class clown. He was the kid sitting in the back of the room, drawing Star Trek parodies for his three friends.

Having spent the first half of his life as the quiet kid, Tim has since made up for lost time by backpacking, teaching English abroad and performing in any way he can. He does not approve of people calling him a hipster, meaning he probably is one, and sees the world as an absurd, meaningless and endlessly fascinating place. Furthermore, Tim is cheap, clean and sustainable and is therefore considered by many to be a viable alternative to fossil fuels.

That’s so interesting, but what about your Walk?
Tim has been a tour guide and comedian in Amsterdam for many years. On his Comedy Walk, he combines these skills to create a unique performance experience. He’ll take you on a journey of both the hidden gems of the city, and the unusual places his mind goes. Combining relatable, highly personal stories with the kind of sights you wouldn’t see on a regular tour, Tim’s Comedy Walk is an afternoon well spent.

Although Tim is 100% Dutch his walks are in English…

Hey, I'm Chris! A German Jew abroad

Who the hell is Chris Doering?
He is part German, part Jew, so the self-loathing is doubly strong in him. Former Kabarettist and current stand-up comedian, Chris enjoys long walks on the beach, a good Nazi joke followed by a fart joke, opening for Anthony Jeselnik, headlining international comedy shows in Germany, Czech Republic, UK, Netherlands, Hungary, Mexico, Austria, Poland and running comedy shows in Berlin, like Berlin for Dummies, Laughing Bearlin, The Berlin Offensive and Laughing Spree Comedy.

That’s so interesting, but what about your Walk? It’s a comedy Wall(k)!
His humour is derived from his peculiar background as a German and a Jew with family roots in Poland. He is from Berlin originally, but from the wrong side of the wall. He is from East Berlin, so he knows you immediately recognise you’ll be in the former East bloc when Adidas is not a clothing choice but a lifestyle choice. You won’t help but be charmed by his infectious demeanour that’ll leave you in stitches in spite of you knowing you shouldn’t be laughing at that. Dark comedy for the ages.

He’ll show you around the East Side Gallery, the former Berlin Wall for the inside track into why the city and its people were divided and why they maybe should be again. Chris is a friendly, big and funny guy… And his comedy… well, you might be surprised. It’s smart, sometimes edgy and above all really, really funny. It’s amazing having so much fun right next to the wall.

Hey, I'm Hermes! Openly hairy
Who the hell is Hermes?
He’s openly hairy and a full-time immigrant, he comes from a dangerous place in the Middle-East called Eindhoven. Middle-East of North Brabant that is. You can find him in comedy clubs in theaters across the land to make fun of Dutch people, since they can’t deport him anymore.
That’s interesting, but what about your walk?
Having lived in Eindhoven for almost a decade, there is a myriad of personal stories Hermes loves to share with his audience, as well as weird and fun facts about the city and its history. You’ll see some known and some lesser known places in the city center and he knows all the restaurants you should (or more importantly shouldn’t) visit

Who the hell is Soula?
Soula Notos is of Greek descent, but born and raised in Holland. Her name is Greek for: genderneutral single. Many audiences in Europe have encountered this bubbly hugger with her interactive and physical style. Her comedy is expressive, energetic and full of self-mockery. Besides being a comedian, she works as an actress, theatremaker, a storyteller and a host. She organises the monthly English night “Storytelling in the Basement” in de Kargadoor (Utrecht).  She is a member of the Utrecht Comedy collective Het Comedyhuis.

“A lot of flair and strong body language.”-
“Yeah, great and all, but why are you not married?” – Mom

That’s so interesting, but what about your Walk?
Soula has been living in the beautiful city of Utrecht for more than 20 years and wants to share its rich history to everyone who is willing to listen. She finds the stories behind walls and curtains the most captivating, because that’s where true passions are found. You will better understand what this means when you take a walk with her. She connects historical facts easily with personal stories and opinions that will make you laugh. She is a warm and great host and will give you a fun insight of this great little town.