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Comedy Walks

A walking tour with a stand-up comedian as guide!

Een stadswandeling met een comedian als gids!

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What is a Comedy Walk©?

a man smiling for the camera
A Comedy Walk© is a stand-up comedy show with the city as the stage. A stand-up comedian will take you past several famous historical places and tells his/her best jokes about the city, its inhabitants and above all him/herself. Humor and history become inextricably intertwined. By far the most fun and unique way to see a city!

The best part of your city trip

Laugh with us!

Gregory Shapiro

Greg at UICF Fake Trump
Greg has so many stories to tell, he’s made them into numerous solo shows. Now, Greg takes you to the locations where the stories took place.

Jelle Brouwer

a man wearing a suit and tie and holding a microphone
Jelle will take you to the hidden gems of Utrecht and his casual insensitivity to local customs will make you feel, breathe and act like a local, even if you are a local.

Tim van‘t Hul

Tim Vant Hul Comedian
Combining relatable, highly personal stories with the kind of sights you wouldn’t see on a regular tour, Tim’s Comedy Walk is an afternoon well spent.

Chris Doering

Chris Doering performing
Chris is a friendly, big and funny guy… And his comedy… well, you might be surprised. It’s smart, sometimes edgy and above all really, really funny.

Hermes Ahmadi

a man standing next to a forest holding a microphone
Hermes’ comedy is witty, intelligent and skillfully constructed. Despite Eindhoven’s, so to say, remarkable architecture, he makes Eindhoven look like the most fascinating place on earth!


Rachel Morton-Young

a person holding a microphone
Rachel is a happy British comedian which is quite rare after UK’s separation from the EU mainland. Her profound understanding of the Dutch educational system will leave you in tears, also of laughter.


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Fantastic and funny way to see places you wouldn't normally go to when visiting a city. Great to do with friends, family, or whoever. Even when you think you know the city!!

– Singrid W. | TripAdvisor
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Successful comedy tour during surprise party!

We have done this comedy tour with 10 women during a surprise party for a friend. It was a nice city walk combined with many humorous stories. The comedian responded to the group and adjusted his jokes.cI can recommend this tour if you are looking for a fun and active event.

– Saskia N. | TripAdvisor
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Best tour ever!

Had a great time walking and laughing around Amsterdam. Great experience! and learned so many things about this wonderful city. Hats down for the best, most funny and knowledgeable guide, Kor! Thank you for the lovely time! No better option for a Saturday afternoon!

– Anca F. | TripAdvisor
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Great experience, would recommend!

Exactly what we were hoping for, our guide was very knowledgeable about the city and was brilliant at adding some humor to it! Thank you for the very pleasant tour!

– Eleonora S. | TripAdvisor
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Fun times!

A great way to get to know the city, it's not my first trip to Amsterdam so it was a fun way to get to know it some more, who wouldn't want to laugh while learning?! Thanks, Tim!

– D. Townage | TripAdvisor
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Funny! Much better then expected!

Unique way to get to know more about Amsterdam and Dutch people. The group was a mix of Dutchies/Tourists and the activity was very fun for both. Good entertainment!

– Irene V. | TripAdvisor