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About Us

Our story

It is summer 2017. We (Comedy Walks© founders Laura and Erik) are renting a tiny room at a beautiful 17th-century canal house in the center of Amsterdam. Every day, there is a crowd of young tourists gathered around a tour guide in front of our apartment. Each and every time, we notice that the tour guide is unable to keep the attention of his audience as people look either bored or at their mobile phone.

Laura sighed to Erik: “Why can’t it be funny, why not use a comedian as a city guide?” Erik, an experienced improvisation comedian himself, immediately realized the potential of this idea, namely a stand-up comedy show with the city as a stage. That is the moment the Comedy Walks © seed popped, literally born out of our frustration with conventional, rather boring city walks.

Barely six months later, the very first try-out of Comedy Walks© took place with stand-up comedian Tim van’t Hul. It was the beginning of January 2018. It was cold and dark and the audience only consisted of critical comedians. Nevertheless, Tim passed the test with flying colors. Nowadays we run Comedy Walks© in Amsterdam, Utrecht, Eindhoven and Berlin.

 People we love to work with


One of our favorite partners is of course FareHarbor! FareHarbor offers the best online booking software and services you can think of. We started working with them in 2019 and so far we are super satisfied with their tailor-made support. We expect to be in a long-term relationship with them! 

The Comedyhuis is one of the best comedy clubs in Utrecht! Our comedian Soula is in fact a member of the Comedyhuis. We are also particularly fond of Comedyhuis’ founder Jeroen Pater who has a big heart for comedy and is super fun to collaborate with on anything related to comedy. Don’t miss out on the Utrecht International Comedy Festival (UICF) that Jeroen organizes each year in February-March.



Comedy Walks© is one of the most fun activities for private groups (family, friends, team or company outings) so we are naturally listed on Uitjes.