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City Walks Amsterdam with a stand-up comedian as guide

Ditch the traditional tour guide and bring in a stand-up comedian!

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Person 14+ years old

Amsterdam City Walk: laugh and learn!

Ready to explore Amsterdam in the most exciting way? Allow us to introduce you to Amsterdam’s most entertaining City Walks of Amsterdam, led by a local stand-up comedian as your guide. Say goodbye to ordinary historical facts and welcome engaging tales and fun anecdotes about this amazing city. Our top-rated Amsterdam City Walk guarantees unexpected and funny insights while expanding your knowledge of the city and its inhabitants. It’s the perfect mix of entertainment and exploration, promising a memorable journey as you uncover Amsterdam’s hidden gems.

Our Amsterdam City Walk redefines the standard city tour. Amsterdam’s streets and canals echo with the footsteps of centuries of explorers, artists, and innovators, each leaving their unique mark on this dynamic city. During the City Walks of Amsterdam you will hear unique stories and perspectives of Amsterdam locals from the past and of the present day. In the city centre, our comedian Rachel will explain why the red light district arose in the vicinity of churches, but also enlighten you on the creative sex education in the Netherlands in the present day. Stand-up comedian Timothy tells you the most beautiful story about how Johanna Van Gogh, Vincent’s sister-in-law, turned Vincent’s unsellable work into the most expensive paintings in the world. He also takes you to a hidden atomic bomb shelter and unpaved polder path from the 16th century that most locals have never even heard of. 

Amsterdam City Walks guided by a local comedian 

Our talented stand-up comedians are carefully selected to ensure they can deliver top-notch entertainment while providing valuable insights about the city. They excel at seamlessly integrating knowledge into their hilarious tales, ensuring that you not only have an amazing time but also depart with a profound admiration for the city’s dynamic heritage. Laughter, in our view, is the ultimate link to a destination and its populace, and our city walks in Amsterdam offer a unique platform for you to authentically engage with the local culture. Say farewell to potentially boring tours and welcome an unforgettable Amsterdam journey filled with fun!



  • Dam Square (Royal Palace, New Church)
  • Damstraat
  • Red Light District and Old Church
  • The former Headquarters of the East India Company
  • Cross the famous canals and Amsterdam’s typical bridges
  • Kloveniersburgwal
  • Spui


  • Vondelpark
  • Vondelbunker
  • Jacob Obrechtstraat
  • Museum Square (Van Gogh and Rijksmuseum)
  • Hobbemastraat
  • Schapenburgerpad
  • Vondelpark



  • A local stand-up comedian as guide
  • A super fun Amsterdam City Walk past the city’s iconic neighbourhoods
  • A fun and unique experience


  • Food and beverage
  • Transportation
  • Gratuities for the guide


Our super fun Amsterdam city walks start from the National Monument on the Dam or from the Vondelpark. Please arrive at the meeting point 5-10 minutes before departure time. And have fun!

Meeting Point Amsterdam City Centre:

Meeting point Amsterdam Museum Quarter: