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Most intense horror escape room in Amsterdam

survivors of the Amsterdam Catacombs

Horror escape room Amsterdam

One of the fun things to do in Amsterdam is playing an escape room. They are well set up and so many to choose from in Amsterdam. Till date I played about 7 rooms, so does that make me a semi-professional? Admittedly, my escape success rate stands at a humble 29%, which might not sound all that impressive. Regardless, after conquering seven escape rooms, I found myself yearning for the next level – a horror escape room!

About the author: Erik is a co-founder of Comedy Walks. Comedy Walks are alternative walking tours with a stand-up comedian as guide. A professional stand-up comedian takes you to the most interesting places in town and shares his/her hilarious perspective on Amsterdam, the Dutch culture and of course his/her own daily life struggles in this amazing city. 

Amsterdam horror escape room

Some time ago, with a group of 5 very brave friends, I booked the most intense horror escape room of Amsterdam or possibly Europe: the Amsterdam catacombs. It takes place in the catacombs of a church called the ‘Posthoornkerk’ built hundreds of years ago. So you are underground……… for the whole 90 minutes during the game.

This Amsterdam horror escape room is probably nothing like you experienced before. In fact, is a mix of a more traditional escape room and immersive theatre. Immersive theatre basically means that you are not a passive member of the audience but part of the story or the performance. In this case that translates into being a character in a horror movie! 

Escape room Amsterdam: horror!

Are you brave enough to enter the Amsterdam horror escape room?  It’s not for the faint of heart, and there’s a compelling reason behind the strict emphasis on mental stability and physical resilience for those who dare to participate in this popular horror escape room of Amsterdam. Darkness, flickering lights, weird noises, slamming doors, really get on your nerves at some point. Whenever you find a closed door you always wonder who or what is behind it! During these moments of real stress with actual adrenaline rushing through your body, you’ll have to unravel the secrets and mysteries of the catacombs. We managed to solve most of the puzzles but not all of them (70%); it is just not that easy to keep your head clear and think while evil spirits constantly distract you and test your bravery. So we failed and ‘died’ in the Amsterdam catacombs bringing my escape rate further down to 25%.

If you are not weak hearted and looking for fun you should definitely check out the most intense horror escape room of Amsterdam. We believe it is one of the best escape rooms in Amsterdam. It is just a few minutes walk from Central Station.

Can you beat us? 

In the picture you see our score: 70%. If you did better send us a message with a picture of the proof and we will give you a discount when you book your Comedy Walk. Needless to say that besides being passionate about fun we are also pretty competitive 😉

Have a drink and relax

Should you find yourself with some spare time either before or after your Amsterdam horror escape room adventure, make a point to visit ‘De blauwe druif‘ (‘The Blue Grape’) bar at Haarlemmerstraat 91. It’s conveniently located right across the street from the Amsterdam Catacombs escape room. This is a typical Amsterdam pub, with a history dating back to 1733, and you’ll be astounded to discover that half of their furniture is playfully adhered to the ceiling.

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All information in this article is based on personal experiences and commission free.