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ARTZUID: Amsterdam sculpture biennale 2021

a golden statue in a park

About the author: Laura Danielle is co-founder of Comedy Walks: city walks with a professional comedian as guide! 

The ARTZUID outdoor sculpture exhibition takes place every two years and seems to grow larger each edition. You will find most of the sculptures at the Apollolaan and Minervalaan in Amsterdam Zuid (Amsterdam South). If you love outdoor exhibitions of sculptures, this is the place to be! And no rush, it is on till 17 October 2021.

The majority of the artists at the ARTZUID are from the Netherlands, but you only find works from artist from Japan, Germany, France, USA, China, etc. One of my favorite Dutch artists whose work is at display, is Joep van Lieshout. You can actually access some of his artworks. To avoid damage to his work at the ARTZUID exhibition is sealed, but you can clearly see the door. It has two windows so you can get an idea of what it would be like to be inside the artwork.

A blue sculpture of a sea animal with people around his head

ARTZUID – Amsterdam – Atelier van Lieshout “Darwin”

The tree by Ugo Rondinone, called “Summer Moon”, is one of my favorites. I felt as if the tree invited me to dance.

Sculpture of a tree in a park

ARTZUID – Amsterdam – Ugo Rondinone “Summer Moon”

If you prefer some interactive art then I can highly recommend the distorting mirror ball. I forgot to write down the name of the artist and artwork but I am pretty sure you will find it on the way.

a person standing in front of a mirror posing for the camera

ARTZUID – distorted mirror art ball

Good to know

This outdoor exhibition is free of charge and this includes the audiotour which is accessible trough a QR-code placed throughout the route of the exhibition or via the website.

How do I get there?

Via train station Amsterdam Zuid you can easily walk to the exhibition. Just take the exit: Zuidplein.

From the central train station, Amsterdam CS,  you can take tram 24 and get off at stop ‘Minervaplein.’

For more information about the exact location of the ARTZUID exhibition check their website.

Tips for drinks?

There is a ARTZUID exhibition centre at the intersection of the Minervalaan and Apollolaan. Here they provide information, arts gadgets and refreshments. There is a small terrace. A nice spot for a short break or as a starting point.

a group of lawn chairs sitting on top of a grass covered field

ARTZUID – Information Centre


All information in the blog posts is based on personal experiences and commission free (“I rather drink coffee with inspiring entrepreneurs than compete with them for 20 cents commission for our customers’ coffee” – Laura Danielle).