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Amsterdam 9 streets: the famous little shopping streets

Fronts of buildings in a street

The 9 little streets (in Dutch: 9 Straatjes) are very popular, both with locals, tourists and expats, and are located in the canal belt area right behind the Royal Palace on the Dam (click here to read my blog about the Royal Palace). It actually consists of 9 small picturesque shopping streets: the Gasthuismolensteeg, Hartensteeg, Reestraat, Berenstraat, Wolvenstraat, Oude Spiegelstraat, Wijde Heisteeg, Huidenstraat, Runstraat. Over the years many of the authentic and specialized shops have disappeared because the rent for these shops has gone through the roof (reportedly easily up to €4,000- €8,000 a month), but you can still find some real gems. Here is the ultimate guide to my favorite shops in the 9 little streets of Amsterdam.

#1 Gasthuismolensteeg

At NicNic Fashion and Design Socks We Love you probably find the largest collection of tights and socks in Amsterdam. They have hundreds of different colors and patterns which makes it a typical feel good shop. Opposite NicNic you’ll find Waxwell Records selling new and used vinyl. Flip through the vinyl just like you used to! They specialize in Soul, Hip-Hop, Funk, Jazz, Blues, Disco, Rock, Reggae and Pop records. Another place I really like is Sas Design Jewelry. It is a tiny little shop selling jewelry made by goldsmiths in India using beautiful (semi-)precious stones.

NicNic Fashion and Design Socks We Love

#2 Hartensteeg

Eddy Varekamp is one of the few artists you will find in the 9 Streets. He has a cute little gallery selling aquarel paintings, stencil prints and lino cuts with themes like music, animals and Amsterdam scenery. Peek inside Fabienne Chapot, a Dutch designer, whose signature is bright and lively colors and extremely happy prints.  

#3 Reestraat

Are you a vintage watch enthusiast or collector? Then the Amsterdam Watch Company is the place to be. In this beautiful shop you will find an ever-changing collection of iconic watches. Bij Ons Vintage is a lovely place to shop your vintage clothes, mostly from the 70s and 80s. In between grandpa’s spencers you may find some real vintage gems; commitment will be rewarded! Ever seen accessories for your dog that make you look really cool? Koko Von Knebel sells the most fancy collars and other items for your dog. Even if you don’t have a dog, you should go inside so that you know where to go if you ever buy a dog that cares about it’s looks.

Amsterdam Watch Company

#4 Berenstraat

I traveled a lot and from every country of brought back a coffee table book. Mendo is a unique shop that specializes in coffee table books. Here you will find the famous coffee table books on Amsterdam: Streets of Amsterdam, Amsterdam a metropolitan village and The Amsterdam Canals. Marlies Dekkers is a renowned Dutch lingerie designer and founder of the Marlies Dekkers design. Her style is chic, distinctive and very comfortable. Smaak Amsterdam claims to make the most beautiful bags of Amsterdam and beyond. The label actually started in Amsterdam and has a variety collection of high quality bags.

#5 Wolvenstraat

Laura Dols is one of the few authentic vintage shops that have been in the 9 streets for more than 40 years. Laura Dols is specialized in evening clothing for men and women, accessories, dresses, hats, shoes, and bags from the 50s. A seamstress is available to ensure a perfect fit. At an appointment-only store Laura Dols has more than 2,000 antiques wedding dresses ready  to be altered to your measurements. If you are into exorbitantly expensive perfumes or just super curious like myself, check out the niche perfumery The Snuifduif (in English: sniffing pigeon). I got a splash of Adhil Assoluto that comes for the price of €720 a bottle.

Laura Dols

#6 Oude Spiegelstraat

Get ready to shine in Gucci, Prada, Valentino or Givenchy! At Salon Heleen Hulsmann you will find quite recent second-hand designer clothes, shoes and accessories in excellent condition. You will also find pieces from the renowned Dutch designer Dries van Noten.

#7 Wijde Heisteeg

Bitter and Better is a pop-up conceptstore run by lovely Maureen. Despite being a pop-up store, Bitter and Better has been at this location for more than 2,5 years, so fingers crossed it will stay forever. Maureen has a long and strong background in fashion so feel free to ask her for advice. Here you will find new and vintage clothes and beautiful accessories.

Bitter and Better

#8 Huidenstraat

Ready for a break? Pompadour is the place to indulge in premium pastry. The decoration, the service, the pastries and chocolates, it is all done with love and pride. Every pastry and every chocolate is made in the workshop upstairs on the first and second floor by an international team of 10 pastry chefs and chocolate makers. I had the princess cake and it was absolutely divine! Beadies sells hundreds of different little beads to make your own jewelry. They have a little workshop in the back where you can make your neglace, bracelet or whatsoever on the spot! Last but not least, Rain Couture, where you can find the most elegantly designed rain coats that you can think of. This is truly haut-couture and a must-go during your visit to Amsterdam particularly in fall and spring when we have the most rain.


#9 Runstraat

Do you still remember your favorite children’s books? I sure remember mine. Pluk van de Petteflet by Annie M.G. Smidt and Abeltje from the same author. And guess what, at Olaf toy and book store you find Dutch bestsellers for children in English! Great gift to bring home if you ask me. On the same street you will find Gerda’s flower shop. I just love the pots overflowing with healthy green plants and beautiful flowers outside their door. What a feast for the eye!  They did the flower bouquets for the art exhibition Rembrandt 360 (click here to read blogpost on the exhibition Rembrandt 360).

Gerda’s bloemen (flowers)

Wanna do something fun after your shopping spree?

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About the author: Laura Danielle is a co-founder of Comedy Walks: stand-up comedy shows with the city as a stage, or, if you like, city tours with a professional stand-up comedian as a guide. We currently run Comedy Walks in Amsterdam,  Washington DC, Berlin and Utrecht. By far the most fun way to explore any city in the world! 

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