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A unique experience in Amsterdam: Sauna Deco

een ruimte gevuld met meubels in de art deco stijl

If you are looking for a unique experience in Amsterdam, I always recommend a Comedy Walk, a city walk with a comedian as guide. You can’t blame me as I am the co-founder of Comedy Walks. But if you are into spa and wellness, I would also highly recommend a visit to Sauna Deco.

About the author: Laura Danielle is co-founder of Comedy Walks: city walking tours with a local stand-up comedian as guide! 

Sauna Deco is a small, cosy and beautifully decorated sauna in the heart of Amsterdam. Speaking of hidden gems, yep, this is definitely one of them. You know why? The interior comes from a French department store, Au Bon Marché, from the early 1920s, so you really feel like your ar going back 100 years in time. This place had been on my wish-list for months and it exceeded all my expectations!

Spa & Wellness

My favorite spa is always the steam bath. During our visit it was so quiet that I had the steam bath all to myself! Loved it. If the steam bath is not your thing, no worries, there are plenty of other saunas including a Finnish sauna and an infrared sauna. They also offer relaxation massages and beauty treatments.

And if you jump in the Sauna Deco’s cold plunge pool you go down in style. This was actually my first time in a plunge pool; I really hate cold water. I simply wanted to experience every square meter of this lavish Paris chic place so I took my shot at the plunge pool. If you look at the picture below, you understand why, right?


A swimming pool in art deco style with a statue

Sauna Deco – Amsterdam

Good to know

A visit to Sauna Deco costs €25 and they give a 20% discount to students. You can bring your own towel and robe, but if you are visiting Amsterdam and didn’t stuff these items in your suitcase, you can also rent them at the sauna. Towel €2,50 and robe rental is €3,50. You better bring your own bathing shoes for this experience! If you need to re-fuel, they serve delicious juices and small and healthy snacks.

For more information, here is the link to their website.

And totally besides the point, but I just have to mention it, Sauna Deco has a beautiful website! Even scrolling through their website put me in a relaxed mode.

How to get there

Sauna Deco is very centrally located in the city centre: Herengracht 115 (see map). It is literally a 10-minute walk from the Central Station.


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