This walk is

Stand-up comedy with the city as a stage! Or a city walk, with a comedian as a guide. That’s a comedy walk

So, come walk with us!

The best way to get to know your favorite city. A walk designed to make you laugh your head off. Discover the best places in the city under the guidance of a professional stand-up comedian. That’s what a Comedy Walk is.

Our guides are all full-time comedians and they saved their best jokes for you. During a tour through the city, discovering surprising places, they make you laugh like never before.

How does it work?

Very simple, on this site you can find all the available tours. You’ll pick the one that suits you best and then you reserve. You’ll book your tickets via a secure provider. The conformation and tickets will be send to your email.

At the agreed place and time you will meet your group and comedian. This comedian will take you around the city and you will enjoy the very best stand-up comedy ever.

Culture and comedy in a package deal, who would say no to that?

Book your Comedy Walk today and have a blast. 

At the moment the first Comedy Walk are on the way. After our start in Amsterdam in 2018, Washington D.C is the next city. The Hague, Berlin and Rotterdam are under construction. At this speed in 2020 we conquer the rest of the world. So if you know any good comedians anywhere in the world, kindly advice him/her to contact us.

There are many different kinds of Comedy Walks as comedians are free to put together their own tours. Each walk takes about 1 1/2 hours

The costs are € 16,50 (including fee) per person (in Europe) and $20,- in the USA

We can also provide a customized Comedy Walk. Email us for more information.

We are on a mission

Comedy Walks started when the founders: Laura and Erik almost every day saw big groups of tourist standing in front of their Amsterdam house with a tour guide talking. Most people didn’t seem happy or interested and were looking at their phones or talking to each other. “what if a comedian would guide them?” Laura asked. This was the question that started it all. So after some research Comedy Walks was born.

And yes we are on a mission, we want to spread as much fun as possible, for the people on our walks (it is an awesome experience, no phones during our walks and a lot of interaction in the groups) but also for the comedian (because normally it’s really hard to earn some money with your creative comedy. And they are totally free to create en plan their original walks) 

So come walk with us!


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