guide en funny

(photo) Martin Pluimers)

Hello Tim, who are you?


When you first meet Tim, it’s hard to believe he was raised near a windmill, wearing tiny wooden shoes. Watching what has been referred to as an “unwholesome amount” of American TV shows, he grew up culturally confused and very, very nerdy. Tim was never the class clown. He was the kid sitting in the back of the room, drawing Star Trek parodies for his three friends.

Having spent the first half of his life as the quiet kid, Tim has since made up for lost time by backpacking, teaching English abroad and performing in any way he can. He does not approve of people calling him a hipster, meaning he probably is one, and sees the world as an absurd, meaningless and endlessly fascinating place.

Tim is cheap, clean and sustainable and is therefore considered by many to be a viable alternative to fossil fuels. 


That's so interesting, but what about your Walk?

Let’s take this show on the road!

Tim has been a tour guide in Amsterdam for four years, a comedian for three. On his Comedy Walk, he combines these skills to create a unique performance experience. He’ll take you on a journey of both the hidden gems of the city, and the unusual places his mind goes. Combining relatable, highly personal stories with the kind of sights you wouldn’t see on a regular tour, Tim’s Comedy Walk is an afternoon well spent.

And, as you can see. Although Tim is 100% Dutch his walks are in English…

Come Walk with us!