Seriously funny

Who the hell is Mark Palchick? 

Born in America he is 100% Russian whose Grandparents were first Cousins

Which may explain his stand-up comedy, but not quite

He speaks American standard English only and affirms that he has never met the president nor introduced him or his campaign team to any Russians

That's so interesting, but what about your Walk?

Mark has lived in Washington D.C. and has been student of its hidden history  for decades. Also he’s a partner at a law firm, but we promised not to mention.

A walk with Mark is funnier than a Ted Talk for five year olds . You’ll learn so much and most of it is true. You’ll walk thru the National mall, where dreams where shared and the biggest crowd ever saw a inauguration (maybe you’ll even find out when that was) See the gift of Lady Gaga and laugh yourself silly listening to all the great stories Mark has to tell (and yes he has to)

Hey What’s better,  a good story or an A on your history test?

Come Walk with us!