curious and comprehending

Who the hell is Kor?

He is half-Polish and half-Dutch. On average, that makes him a German. Kor is a born and raised Amsterdammer. Besides doing stand up, he also gives tours for about 5 years which makes him a professional Amsterdammer. Despite having grown up in relative proximity to the UK, he speaks American English with a Dutch accent. He tries to be vulnerable on stage not because he wants to but because he needs to. He looks like the love child of Richard Branson and Boris Becker. That’s why he needs to.

That's interesting, but what about his walk?

Let’s take this show on the road!

Kor has been a tour guide in Amsterdam for five years, an Amsterdammer for his whole life and a professional comedian for half a decade. On his comedy show, Kor shows you famous historical places and hidden gems of the city to use them as a springboard to his comedy. He effortlessly combines his comedy skills and vulnerability with his Amsterdammersnish to create a unique, top-notch and hilarious comedy performance. This makes his Comedy Walk really heartKor!  

His walks are in English, just because it sounds funnier…

Come Walk with us!