Jake who? Jake WOE!

Who the hell is Jake Woe? 

A Native New Yorker who lives in the heart of Washington, DC, Jake’s interests include Comedy and Food, though not necessarily in that order. Jake regularly appears at comedy venues throughout the Washington area, and at the restaurants there even more regularly.

Jake has lived in Europe and traveled extensively, and speaks German just about as well as an 8 year old from Schmedeswurtherwesterdeich. If you were from Schmedeswurtherwesterdeich, you’d be laughing hysterically right now.

A Father of 3 sons, Husband of over 35 years, and a retired IT Professional and Business Owner, Jake likes making people laugh even more than he likes a good wiener schnitzel, and that’s saying a lot! However, if one melts cheese on that wiener schnitzel, then that gap narrows considerably

That's so interesting, but what about your Walk?

Jake will cover the basics, starting out at Lafayette Square just north of the White House, walking south and then west to the Einstein Memorial, and then from the Lincoln Memorial through the Mall, and ending at the Washington Monument.

Jake promises you’ll learn things during your Comedy Walk that are both unexpected and unavailable from any other source. Jake’s intelligent and occasionally self-deprecating humor will put you at ease right from the start, make the time and the walk go quickly, and give you many laughs along the way.

And if you’re interested, you’ll get some excellent restaurant recommendations also.

Come Walk with us!