Everything you always wanted to know about Comedy Walks, but were afraid to ask.

Is it funny?
Duh, well of course. That's the whole idea 100%
Is it a long walk?
Not at all, the laughing is way more exhaustive 100%
What language do the comedians speak?
Most walks are in English, unless specified differently 100%
Does it remain civilized?
Well, it's stand-up comedy, so... mostly 😉 100%
What if the comedian is sick, ill or broken?
In this almost impossible scenario, you'll get a 100% refund and free tickets for an other Walk 100%
Can I cancel?
Why would you? 100%
Come on, seriously, can I cancel?
You can, but if it is within 48 hours for the show we refund you in Comedy Walk tickets 100%
Will you wait for me?
Yes, of course, until the moment we depart (you know from the confirmation) 100%
What if it's raining?
You'll get wet (but feel free to use an umbrella) 100%
And what about tsunami's, earthquakes and other acts of God
We believe in the KNMI, so code red means a full refund 100%
Will I learn something?
Most facts are true, kinda, well sort of, like in a real comedy way, so maybe but no guarantee 100%
Can I get a discount?
Sure, there are nice discounts at H&M and mcDonalds 😉 100%
Is it kid-friendly?
We won't hit them, our advice: hire a babysitter and enjoy (and seriously 16+ is our advice) 100%
What if a joke offends me?
Offence is taken, not given. 100%

Come Walk with us!