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Keukenhof – the most beautiful flower garden in the world!

a group of colorful flowers

In 2023, the world’s most famous flower garden will be open from 23 March till 14 May! Indulge in the largest and most colorful flower garden you can imagine and it is just a stone’s throw away from Amsterdam! In 2022, mid April, I finally visited this beautiful flower garden with my sister. I simply bought our tickets online on the official Keukenhof website (the price of an adult entrance ticket is €19; kids, 4-17 yrs, €9).

About the author: Laura Danielle is co-founder of Comedy Walks: walking comedy shows with the whole city as the stage! A professional comedian takes you to the most beautiful spots in Amsterdam and tells his best jokes about the city, its inhabitants and of course himself. Learn & Laugh!

a close up of a flower garden

Pink tulips at the Keukenhof

What to do?

We decided to walk around the gorgeous gardens by ourselves. It was very relaxing to take in the beautiful views of the tulip flower beds at our own pace and “conquer” a garden bench in the quieter parts of the park. There are plenty of places inside the Keukenhof where you can buy a coffee/tea or any other beverages and a bite. I highly recommend a coffee-to-go!

Unless you are really into botanics and want to know all the details about a particular flower I do not really recommend booking a guided tour. I don’t remember whether the names of the flowers are indicated in the garden itself, but there are several stores with hundreds of different tulips where you can find all the names. If you book a guided tour via de Keukenhof official website it will cost €150 for maximum 25 people, entrance fee not included. There are also several guided tours from Amsterdam, shuttle, guide and entrance fee included.

How to get there?

This is probably the most popular question I come across on socials these days: how do I get to the Keukenhof? Here are 4 options on how to travel to the Keukenhof flower garden. We went by car, but I would definitely consider public transportation.

  1. By (rental) car
  2. Public transportation
  3. Shuttle bus (entry + roundtrip from Amsterdam)
  4. Tulip festival taxi transfer

1. By (rental) car

If you go by (rental) car you should purchase a parking ticket online when you buy your tickets. A parking ticket costs €6. I forgot to buy the parking ticket online and was able to purchase it at the entrance upon departure (there is a parking ticket machine right at the entrance/exit).

2. Public transportation

For those who rely on public transportation there is a Keukenhof Express leaving throughout the day from Amsterdam RAI and Amsterdam Schiphol (airport) to the main entrance of the Keukenhof.

Amsterdam RAI

The Keukenhof Express (bus 852) takes you in about 35 minutes to the Keukenhof. You can easily buy a combi ticket (entrance & transportation) online. An adult combi ticket costs €33,50. If you are staying inside or just outside Amsterdam you can take a bus/tram/metro to Amsterdam RAI. The combi ticket includes entrance Keukenhof and the Keukenhof Express only; you pay for your transportation to Amsterdam RAI separately.

Amsterdam Schiphol (airport)

The Keukenhof Express (bus 858) from the airport takes you in about 30 minutes to the Keukenhof main entrance. You can easily buy a combi ticket (entrance & transportation) online. An adult combi ticket costs €29,50. The combi ticket includes entrance Keukenhof and the Keukenhof Express only; you pay for your transportation to Amsterdam Schiphol airport separately.

3. Shuttle bus

As far as I know two companies offer a shuttle service from Amsterdam to the Keukenhof. Tours & Tickets departs from de Ruijterkade (kind of opposite Central Station) or This is Holland from Amsterdam Noord (North). For Amsterdam North you will have to take the free ferry from behind Central Station.

There are probably dozens of tour operations offering tours to the Keukenhof for various prices, but make sure it is worth it.

4. Tulip Festival Taxi Transfer

For the rich & famous or people on a very tight schedule, there is also the Tulip Festival Taxi Transfer. It ain’t cheap, starting from €75 for max. 3-4 people, and entrance is not included.

a group of people in a flower garden

Keukenhof 2022

Good to know

You are allowed to bring your own drinks and food inside the Keukenhof, just not into the restaurant areas. There are lockers at the main entrance to store small pieces of luggage.

Hope you enjoy the Keukenhof!