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Anne Frank House tickets. How does it work?

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I come across many desperate messages on facebook from people who missed out on tickets to the Anne Frank House. That is really a pity particularly if the Anne Frank House is one of the reasons to visit Amsterdam. Here are a few tips to ensure you get your tickets to the Anne Frank House on time. 

About the author: Laura Danielle is co-founder of Comedy Walks:  a walking tour with a stand-up comedian as guide! A super fun way to see the city!

1. Buy your tickets to the Anne Frank House online

You can only buy your tickets to the Anne Frank House online via the official website of the Anne Frank House. You select a date and a time slot. There are time slots every 15 minutes from 9am till 9pm. Note that the opening hours are from 9am till 10pm. 

2. Types of tickets

There are two types of tickets: tickets for a museum visit and tickets for a museum visit including an introductory programme. The regular museum visit includes an audio tour in various languages and takes about 60-70 minutes. The introductory programme which takes half an hour, will take you through the Second World War and the persecution of the Jews as to better understand the history of Anne Frank. 

3. Ticket prices 

A ticket for a museum visit costs €16 for an adult, €7 for a teenager (10-17yrs) and €1 for a child (0-9yrs). If you add the introductory programme you pay an extra €7. 

4. When to purchase your ticket

EVERY Tuesday at 10am CEST all tickets become available for a visit six weeks later. If there are no more tickets available on the selected date and/or time slot, it is sold out. Sometimes tickets sell out rather fast, so if you wanna be sure to get tickets set your alarm clock! 

Quite often I notice that for the last time slot of the day, 20.45-21.00 there are usually dozens of tickets left. To be honest, with the small rooms and narrow staircases it gets very crowded, hence an evening visit may not be bad at all. 

Good to know

The Anne Frank House museum does not reschedule tickets or give refunds. It is also not possible to change your time slot. So choose wisely when you book your ticket!