A German Jew abroad

Who the hell is Chris Doering? 

He is part German, part Jew – so the self-loathing is doubly strong in him. Former Kabarettist and current stand-up comedian, Chris enjoys long walks on the beach, a good Nazi joke followed by a fart joke, opening for Anthony Jeselnik, headlining international comedy shows in Germany, Czech Republic, UK, Netherlands, Hungary, Mexico, Austria, Poland and running comedy shows in Berlin, like Berlin for Dummies, Laughing Bearlin, The Berlin Offensive and Laughing Spree Comedy.

Here is what the audience says:

“Seriously quality comedy! Thanks to the very funny Chris for a great first night for me in Berlin”

-Madison, USA

“It’s really funny and people really need to see this!!“

– Dewayne, Germany

“Had such a great night and Chris made my wife and I feel super welcome. I look forward to coming back next time I’m in town for more fun!“

– Michael, UK

“Chris provides a super friendly environment […]. I love stand up comedy and was truly impressed by the caliber of comedy.”

– Jen, USA

“ A fantastic MC and comedian all around”

– John, Ireland


That's so interesting, but what about your Walk?

It’s a comedy Wall(k)

His humour is derived from his peculiar background as a German and a Jew with family roots in Poland. He is from Berlin originally, but from the wrong side of the wall. He is from East Bearlin, so he knows you immediately recognize you’ll be in the former East bloc when Adidas is not a clothing choice but a lifestyle choice. You won’t help but be charmed by his infectious demeanour that’ll leave you in stitches in spite of you knowing you shouldn’t be laughing at that. Dark comedy for the ages.

He’ll show you around the East Side Gallery, the former Berlin Wall for the inside track into why the city and its people were divided and why they maybe should be again.

Chris is a friendly, big and funny guy…And his comedy… well, you might be surprised. It’s smart, sometimes edgy and above all really, really funny. It’s amazing having so much fun right next to the wall. 

Come Walk with us!